In the Beginning

In the beginning El was infinite and eternal.

Before the beginning there was no time, no space, no form but El was.

The beginning was a moment before time and space; before it came into being in time and space it was incorporeal, without body. The beginning was coalescence of El and the first creation. Nothing pre-existed the beginning except the prime beginner whose name is El but a plurality existed even then before the beginning and beyond the end. In the beginning were the Word and the first word spoken and heard was El. From the beginning all things were created out of no thing.

Everything made from the beginning is made in time and space but the creator, El is not one with time and space. He is infinite and eternal; time less is his character and space less is his form. Creation is time filled and space pressed down and running over beyond all imagination except El.

All things made can be measured in time and in space. The first created beings immortal though they are can still be measured in time and space. Man was conceived and created to be Lord over time and space but is now enslaved. The artificer needs some thing to work upon but the architect of the universe and all of creation spread out his hands to design and build from nothing. For in nothing, in the void, was infinity and eternity, and from these El-ements all that was made is made.

And heaven was the seat of El’s throne. It was a place where El could survey the entire universe and it was a place where the first created beings could worship El as their creator and as their God. It was a place of unimaginable light and joy and peace. In the innermost secret heart of the created beings, angels we call them, there was an eternal joy and contentment and it came as a gift from God. They knew God and that knowledge was everything they needed. Even man in paradise below heaven was content. Even so God gave man the gift of woman for companionship, fellowship so that the two could be one. What more could man want but paradise as his domain and a woman to love and be loved.

But there was one angel, a beautiful created being, made to worship God in celestial music. In him was sound and song so infinitely sweet and good that all fell silent in heaven when Lucifer sang El’s praises. Yet the keeper of the King’s treasure is forever in the place of temptation. Lucifer when he sang saw with his eyes how all God’s angels so perfectly worshipped him. It was a spectacle that was beyond Lucifer’s comprehension. How could he know El’s true character? Who in all creation could know God? Whatever Lucifer saw and felt it was a pale mirror to God’s true ways.

Lucifer felt jealous of the angel’s worship. He felt proud. Was it he who alone had been made the master of worship. The revelation was his alone. No other angel in heaven not Michael, not Gabriel knew what he knew and felt. Surely El in passing the unique gift to Lucifer meant that he should be one with him. To sit upon the throne and share the godhead was his right. To be set apart, to be personally sanctified by El surely meant that all else in Heaven and earth were beneath him. His elevation to the highest order and to occupy the most holy seat was his destiny. Some of God’s angels saw this to be true and began to worship Lucifer in the same way as their Creator. These splendid beings were made greater by this allegiance with Lucifer. They would become the elect seated around the throne with El and Lucifer and with the entire angelic host they would become the synthesis of common worship and through Lucifer make it truly regal.

Lucifer commanded his angels to gather at the throne to be a sacred barrier between the ordinary crowd of angels and the high throne of God Almighty, El.

At Lucifer’s command his angels separated themselves and moved upon the throne, their countenances fixed upon their Lord. If it was in their hearts that their actions somehow enhanced the worship of El they were greatly mistaken. As Lucifer’s horde ceremoniously displaced themselves from the greater mass of angels, forming into single group according to their lord’s stratagem he, Lucifer made to step upon the dais where El sat enthroned. As he rose to take that first fateful step the gathered angels loyal to God cried out in alarm and uttered a resounding censure of the supposed Lord of Light. They were utterly amazed and horrified that one of their own would dare to ascend the throne without being first bid. Their next action was to bow the knee in subjugation to El. Every angel genuflected and keeping heading low faced the floor of heaven with eyes shut. By doing so they emphasised the state of Lucifer’s band of confused and perplexed angels. Turning this way and that they surveyed their brothers upon their knees and they as if in defiance of God still standing. Some wavered then and dropped to their knees but Lucifer seeing this cried loud unto them “Rise…rise you weak-willed angels and stand with me proud to serve both me and El. Then turning to El he was about to command God himself to allow him to ascend the sacred holy place where only God ever sat in judgement.

At this moment it was if all of heaven was subject to destruction. El rose from the throne and from his arms came terrifying lightning bolts and from his roaring mouth issued peals of thunder that shook the foundations of the universe. In a sudden moment the joyous light that bathed heaven and shone brilliantly upon the throne and God was extinguished so that a profound darkness covered everything. The angels on the knees instantly felt a shock of pain pass through them. Their rebellious brothers felt fear and anguish for the first time and they were afraid. Lucifer even in this terrible tumult tried to seize El but was thrown back with power. He and all his cohorts were catapulted violently into the darkness their screams were heard in the halls of heaven and upon earth. In the gardens of paradise man and woman became sorely afraid hearing the terrible sounds. All the animals cowered in fear.

Lucifer and his fallen angels were cast out of heaven never to return and the darkness became part of them. They would not ever know the joy and the peace of God again.

The angels lifted their heads and looked upon God Almighty. By his grace and mercy they lived. Now they had enemies. Now they had a new task in heaven. They were now the warriors of God and sworn to protect him from the evil one and their dark brothers. The future of all was changed upon this day in heaven.

The sounds of their voices rose to worship and praise Him, and ever only Him.

In a distant dark world far from heaven Lucifer now banished beyond redemption looked back to heaven and cursed El and all his angels. He gathered all his black angels around him and started even in that hour plotting how he might overthrow almighty God. Who can ever know the minds of El and of Lucifer in that cataclysmic moment? Yet we can know for sure that there was a great divide between their thoughts. The terrifying schism had happened and the heaven and earth would never be the same again.


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