Looking after yourself- from an Author’s perspective.

Whatever we do for a living there is always something that has to be protected so that we can carry on doing it without interruption. I read about a famous philosopher who decided at a young age to protect his mind because he knew that it was his greatest asset as a thinking man. So he never touched drugs or alcohol all his life. I heard just yesterday that a professional singer has to spend a lot of time protecting their voice, their money earner. As an author I too have to protect and look after my body and yes of coursed my brain is needed but sitting at a PC all day can cause serious back problems at times. I do the usual stuff, applying good ergonomic principles and taking frequent breaks, but the problem persists or at least it did until I discovered the ‘Theraflex’ treatment. Linda treated me only 2 or 3 times and my pains ceased. I advise any sufferers like me to read this excellent book and find out for yourself the permanent answer to your back problem.

The e book describing this marvellous treatment and where to get it in the UK is at www.beatingbackpain.net


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