Allow the tide to flow
Inwards once more
Let the waters slowly rise
Filling the channels
Covering the dry causeway
Finally to obscure the foot prints
Left by solitary souls.
Let the clouds roll across
The clear night sky
Hiding the brilliant stars
Bringing the shadows upon the land
Shuttering the moon’s light
Leaving only darkness to
Draw the veil over creation.
And in the morning let
The first snow fall relentless,
Becoming a thickening blanket
Of pure whiteness bringing
A painful, grip of sudden silence
That steals the fire from every
Living thing, plant, beast and man.
Let the mind cease to struggle
Let barren thoughts expand
Let the vacant spaces be filled
With an urgent sense of nothing
And let the deep shadows of the soul
Have freedom to rise, to sweep
Across the intellect and face the eyes.
In the quiet morning of your
Dreams let your spirit ride the waters
As the tide returns to the deep
And like a sleek ship trusting the wind
Be carried away to a new universe
To a certain eternity where no fear is
And love grows like scented blossoms.

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