Religious Violence Kills Love

News reports show in graphic details Buddhist monks attacking Muslims in Burma. Christians fighting and killing Muslims in Syria indiscriminately. Islamist extremists blowing-up Catholics in Nigeria. Sikh’s and Hindu’s battle each other in India.

Religious violence is a common factor in today’s world.

The face of the twenty first century is deeply scarred by radical religious movements constantly evolving and emerging it would appear from all the world’s cultures. Whether they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh or Hindu they all share one basic common denominator…MAN!

The key factor in all these outrageous inhuman acts is man fostering and perpetrating violence because of a deeply held belief that their God hates the other people’s belief and will go to extraordinary lengths to crush and destroy the opposition.

This has little or nothing to do with religion. It has all to do with man’s prejudices and self-interest. I am not an expert on all religions, but I am sure that most faiths, and certainly the Christian faith preach tolerance, peace, love and charity to fellow human beings. It seems that in the very DNA of man is the proclivity to act violently towards each other, especially when our beliefs are trammeled upon and offended. What is this to do with God?

I know from my own understanding of Christianity that it has nothing to do with God. My personal knowledge of God is that he is an inclusive God reaching out to all faiths and all peoples, rich or poor, black or white, Jew or Gentile.

At times it seems impossible that man, having made contact with a gracious super-powerful creator, can remain silent long enough to hear from God how he wants us to live and not rushing off with sword and gun in hand to construct our own ill-founded versions of religion.

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